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The Consultation is a two-part process, the first visit does not include an adjustment. In preparation, please fill out this form 

Chiropractic Consultation

First Visit             (30-45 mins)

Medical History 

You will have a detailed assessment of your health and your goals. You will be asked about your current health status and also about your overall medical history. Although some questions may not appear relevant but that help to establish an overall picture of your health to determine whether chiropractic care is appropriate for you.

Physical Examination 

You will then receive a physical examination (unless there is  a specific reason not to). Most of the examination is done while you are fully clothed. 

Further Tests 

Following the consultation and examination, you may be required to have further investigations such as X-rays, MRI scans or blood tests. If any of these are required you will be given an explanation as to why, and how they can be arranged.

Please note, there is no treatment on the first visit.

Second Visit           (30 mins)

Report of Findings

We discuss the results of your examination, going over your symptoms and any relevant test results with a full explanation about what this means for you. Having discussed a diagnosis, you should have a clear and understanding about what this means for you and your health. You will have a chance to ask as many question as you like.

Care Plan

The care plan is a fundamental component of chiropractic, which is designed to provide a roadmap for managing and improving a your health and well-being.

We will discuss a care plan that is appropriate for your needs. I take a structured and individualised approach to each case to ensure your healthcare needs are met.

First Adjustment 

Chiropractic adjustments typically involve controlled manual manipulations of the spine or affected joints. The goal is to restore proper alignment, improve joint mobility, and relieve tension in the muscles and nervous system.

The adjustment may involve you lying on a chiropractic table or being seated, and the chiropractor will use specific techniques to apply controlled force to the targeted area.

Appointment Policies 


Rescheduling / Cancellations

All appointments are charged in advance. If you need to change any appointments, you must give 48 hours notice. Late rescheduled will still be charged in full. Missed appointments are charged in full. 

Consultation for a previous patient

If it has been 9 months since your last visit, a full consultation with examination will be required as previous examination findings are likely to have changed.



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  • x6 Adjustments Block Booking

    Valid for 6 months
  • x12 Adjustments Block Booking

    Valid for 12 months
  • x24 Adjustments Block Booking

    Valid for 12 months
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